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Database Engineer – MySQL

MySQL Database Engineer will be responsible for maintaining data-warehouse, data pipelines in accordance with
the business requirements. A thorough understanding of ETL processes, data sanity and Database behaviour is
The role also involves working with development team to provide SQL support and implement best practices.
Most important aspect of the role is to work with different teams - product, customer support, business
development, analytics, understand the data and reporting needs, and provide support.
  • Display excellent query writing skills in MySQL to translate complex business requirements into reports
  • Should be really good with numbers.
  • Proficient with stored procedures and functions in MySQL.
  • Have an instinct to correctly identify and automate the recurring tasks
  • Should be able to work around large data systems and plan ahead for scaling up
  • Catch and optimize performance bottlenecks in SQL queries
  • Understanding of the execution plans and ability to optimize for large scale data churning
  • Understand high-level specifications and plan, execute and document the processes
  • Design database tables and columns from a seamless data flow point of view and enforce logical restrictions to ensure data sanity
  • Familiarity working with AWS, Linux, and shell scripting or similar cloud setup

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